This film has been a passion project.
It was made in the spirit of an art-house film.
I am the director and editor.

I wanted to make a film on my own terms and the freedom to experiment.
So I financed it and called in a lot of favors.
It is 22 minutes.

I saw Ania Bilinska in a 16 mm film which initially inspired the project.
Later, I met Jakub, a barista/actor and he inspired another layer.
The film explores loss and finding a new path.

Thank you to all the artists for the gifts you placed in this film.

Sandeep Sharma
New York City
The Spring of 2021


The sudden and unexpected death of his fiancé has left 38-year-old Jakub trying to put the pieces of his life back together.

As a way to deal with his loss, he begins making online life advice videos in his mother’s one-bedroom apartment as a way to deal with his grief.

Donning a wet suit and the online personality of Magician of the Heart, Jakub begins his journey to find some peace and meaning in his life once again.

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Magician of the Heart (M.O.T.H.) is currently being entered into film festivals throughout 2021.

To date, it has been selected for film festivals in Tokyo, Paris, London, Seoul, Lake Travis, Montreal, Toronto, Phoenix, New York, Los Angeles and Rome.